Its the ultimate understatement to say this is NOT the 2020 any of us planned for, so $10,000 could really do some good for a lot of us! Of course, the responsible thing to do would be to pay some bills or even put it away but what's the fun it that.

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Since we're about ready to enter "Footloose" town and my birthday is Monday, I figured why not plan a hypothetical birthday bash for $10,000, that of course you're all invited to!

Location is key and there's a ton of great spots to throw a great bash, but I'm trying to get the most bang for my buck so I gotta go with Rockford's Oldest Bar Mary's Place. Cheap drinks are listed right there on their home page so it's a no-brainer as to where to go. I think $2,500 would go pretty far for me and some friends to have a fantastic time while leaving a decent tip for our bartenders.

Next, you gotta figure out food. I'm loving seeing all these food trucks popping up all over Rockford and considering the location, food trucks are my best option. And since, to me, these guys have the best taco truck in town Olivo Taco. 3 for $5 steak tacos, yes, please!

Maybe see about getting La Calle Churro Truck to stop for dessert too. I'm thinking another $2,500 is fair here too. That leaves $5,000 for entertainment!

This is the toughest part because you need amazing music to have an amazing party and there isn't a shortage of that in the Forest City.

I'm thinking old school is the way to go, asking someone you haven't seen play out in a long time. Similar to when 420  and Agent Zero played together a few years back, it was a blast. So going in that direction, I'd ask The Snaggs first, I think Rockford is ready. Looking on the internet, it hasn't happened since 2011.

If they turned me down I'd start asking around to bands like 420, Ript, The Hevils, and so on to see who's willing to kick out the jams!

What do say Rockford, wanna come to my hypothetical $10k birthday party?

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