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With this rollback or restrictions for Winnebago County on Saturday, on item caught my eye and got my toe tapping.

I...can't dance. I have been told I have literally ONE dance move and it's pretty awful. But yet I'm asked to do, said dance move...Funny how that works.

Whether you have one dance move or 20 dance moves, you will have to keep them at home starting Saturday. Like a scene out of the Kevin Bacon classic, "Footloose" there will be NO DANCING.

I would ask the governor to supply us with a video, of him performing the banned dancing. I'm not quite sure what he means. As our "leader" maybe a Tick Tok, or just some sort of a short video clip of Mr. Pritzker performing these moves.

From our friends at Eyewitness News...the restrictions including NO DANCING. Everybody cut, everybody cut...



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