I have been waking up WELL before dawn to get to work for over 12 years now, and I'm always looking for a way to kickstart my energy each morning. My morning commute may not involve any crossing guards, but if it did, I hope I would come across one as awesome as this...

I love that video from NBC Chicago for sooo many reasons,

  1. You can't help but smile while watching someone else having fun.
  2. Her effort to brighten other people's days is awesome.
  3. Her dancing provides the perk so many people need on their way to work.

Now, in true today's society form, some people are not feeling this crossing guard's joy and are instead pooing all over it. Some of the negative comments I noticed on NBC Chicago's post that really ruffled my feathers were;

Drug test her

She’s dodging bullets

Why is she standing outside with a face diaper around her neck? Wouldn't it be much more comfortable to just stop being a compliant sheep and remove it for good?

That’s not dancing, it’s Shitcago, that’s ducking and diving!

And so far she has managed for only one kid per day to get hit crossing the street. Pretty good numbers compared to the last few years.

Behavior unbecoming. Professionalism no longer exists. Gone with Patriotism. Reverse Racism is here to stay with impunity.

Why can't people just accept the joy and be positively influenced by it? I'm not saying everyone needs to dance through the streets on a daily basis, but letting go of the nasty attitudes and bitterness for a sec to crack a smile can do a body a whole lot of good. So many more people should try this once in a while.
FYI, this woman isn't the only Chicago crossing guard showing off sweet dance moves. Keep your eyes peeled for more the next time you are driving in downtown Chicago, and make sure to send us a video of it too! LOL!

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