Dancing causes man from Wisconsin to get arrested like in the movie, Footloose.

Do you remember the movie, "Footloose," starring Kevin Bacon? It was about a small town in Indiana that didn't allow dancing. Bacon's character is new to town and it becomes his mission to have a high school dance. It sounds a little far-fetched.

Well, there are places that are really like that. I grew up in Villa Park, it's a suburb of Chicago. Dance floors weren't legal in bars. I'm totally serious. My friends and I used to joke that it was to prevent bad moves.

Apparently, a man in Madison, Wisconsin got arrested for dancing but his case is different.

According to channel3000.com,

"A  man was arrested after dancing around his parked car and yelling at customers at a gas station. He showed signs of impairment. He refused a field sobriety test and was arrested on suspicion of a sixth-offense operating a motor vehicle while impaired."

I'm going to guess that his dancing wasn't good.

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