Cue movie voice guy: "In a world... where basketball and rock and roll collide..." or something along those lines. That's exactly what is happening here. I explore the possibility of the tallest rockers coming together to shoot hoops on my fantasy basketball team.

My Center would obviously be Gene Simmons from KISS. Not only does he tower over the competetor at 6'9" with his massive boots on, he is quite scary looking in all that garb.

Gene Simmons Boots
Valerie Macon, Getty Images

In the Position of Shooting Guard, Mick Fleetwood would be my best bet. He's got to have great arm strength with all that drumming he does. Look at how he towers over everyone standing at 6'6".

Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood
Keystone Features, Hulton Archive, Getty Images

Krist Novoselic is my top choice for my Power Forward. Standing at 6'7" he is the perfect bass playing addition for my team.

56th GRAMMY Awards Krist Novoselic
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Small Forward, my pick is Tom Scholz. He always guarantees his best performance on guitar and at 6'5" I'm sure he will deliver on the court.

Tom Scholz
Mary Schwalm, Getty Images

Last but not least, my Point Guard would be Adrian Vandenberg. The Whitesnake guitarist towers over many at 6'6" and will be the perfect final addition to my team.

Adrian Vandenberg
Jo Hale, Getty Images

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