Back in April I tried really hard to be one of the lucky ones starring in Paul McCartney's video for "Save Us." I didn't make the cut, but did you?

Paul McCartney asked in April for fans to take photos with the lyrics of his song "Save Us" in order to put together the lyric video. You could have posted them on Twitter or Instagram with the #whatsnewpaul. I did my best and sent in two photos hoping that I would have mine in Paul's new video.

The video was released, and to my surprise (not really) my photos didn't make the cut. But that's ok! I did have a great time getting creative with a few photos. Did any of your photos make the cut?

If you didn't see the photos that I entered into the contest, no worries!

Oh Paul, I'm going to give you a piece of my mind next time I see you. I thought my pictures were pretty good. But maybe I won't see Paul before you do? When you see Paul in Salt Lake City on August 7th can you give him a piece of my mind? I would really appreciate it.

Get linked up now for your chance to see Paul McCartney!

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