Here's how you can increase your chance of winning big money from an Illinois Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Sometimes when I stop for gas, I will actually go inside the building. It's usually to purchase a drink or snack.

When I get up to the counter, I'll see the Illinois Lottery display of scratch-off tickets. If there's one that catches my eye, I'll pick it up. Most of the time, it ends up being a non-winner. The biggest payday I've ever gotten is $5.

I know people that win all the time. I wish there was a trick. Well, maybe there is.

According to,

"Big lottery jackpots have been making headlines lately and if you're still waiting to hit it big, there is an easy way to increase your odds."

"Players should not be quick to judge a ticket by its title, because the biggest prizes advertised on those tickets may not actually be available." 

"Tickets can remain on sale after all of the top prizes have been claimed. There is a process for taking instant games out of circulation after all of the top prizes have been claimed, but that could take up to three weeks. Retailers are allowed to continue selling those tickets until lottery officials collect them."

It's easy to find out which prizes are still available before you spend your hard earned money on a ticket. They post all the information on their website. Just click HERE.

See if that helps.

Good luck.


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