Illinois landowner told by the county that he can't keep eighty roosters on his property.

When It comes to owning animals and having them on your property, there's a number limit. It's not just a common sense thing, it's the law. States, counties, and towns all have them in place. A guy in Illinois has got himself in a bad situation for breaking those regulations.

According to,

"The owner of about 80 roosters and the landlord are considering their options as Kane County zoning officials notified them of ordinances regulating agricultural activities on properties under 5 acres. A group is asking for a new state law restricting the number of roosters that may be kept on any size property to thwart those raising the birds for cockfighting."

"While the owner of the roosters said he knows nothing about cockfighting, he breeds roosters because he loves them. He's under suspicion because anyone with many dozens of roosters is involved in the fighting.”

I can understand chickens but there doesn't seem to be a reason to own that many roosters.

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