There are many great tourist attractions to visit in Illinois and Wisconsin but some of them are very overrated.

Overrated Tourist Attractions In Illinois And Wisconsin

My family and I love going on adventures. It doesn't even have to be on a vacation. We love playing tourists for short-day trips in Illinois and Wisconsin. Usually, they're a fun time but every once in a while you get a stinker.

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My dad liked to refer to those places as tourist traps. Some people hated those places but we just chalked them up as life experiences. When we end up somewhere like that, I usually say, "It always looks better in the brochure."

Many visitors from all over the world come to Illinois and Wisconsin every year to see their famous sights. I will admit that some of those attractions are overhyped but I think most tourists realize that. They are still worth checking out.

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Recently, one famous location in Illinois and two popular destinations in Wisconsin were named on the list of the most overrated tourist attractions in the entire United States. Let's see if you agree with their listings.

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The Magnificent Mile (Illinois)

It's located on Michigan Avenue and is known for shopping, restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. I've been there many times in my life. I would say it's a fun place to go but if a visitor wants a real taste of Chicago there are much better places to go.

The Mars Cheese Castle (Wisconsin)

It seems like every highway exit in Wisconsin has a cheese and fireworks store. With the billboard advertising along the road and the eye-popping building, you can't help to make this impulse stop. I got hooked in once too. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to the hype.

Mt. Olympus Water & Theme Park (Wisconsin)

Back in the day, this place was awesome. Now, the Wisconsin Dells has been crowned the "Water Park Capital of the World." There is so much competition with modern amenities it's hard for the older places to keep up. By the way, many people consider the whole town a tourist trap.

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