Visiting roadside attractions is a big part of the great American road trip and a popular world record-breaking one is finally back on display in Wisconsin.

Important Rule For Taking A Road Trip In Wisconsin

I grew up with my family taking road trips every summer. We would pack up the car and go. There would be some desired destinations along the way but in between was always open for adventures because you never know what you'll run into.

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A couple of types of things we were on the lookout for on the open travel days were unique roadside attractions and any kind of world record. My family always found those to be the most fun. Plus, they made the perfect family photo moment.

World Record-Breaking Roadside Attraction Reopens In Wisconsin

It's funny because when I'm ever discussing roadside attractions, the first one that immediately pops into my head is the world's largest ball of twine which is a reference from the movie, "National Lampoon's Vacation," so I always thought that was a made up thing. Apparently, I was wrong.

Wisconsin Roadside Attraction
World's Heaviest Ball Of Twine (Fox 9 and Canva)

Wisconsin has its own version. It's the world's heaviest ball of twine located in Highland. It was created by James Frank Kotera. When he passed away, his friend knew the roadside attraction needed a new home. Luckily, he found a permanent place on city property where its creator worked for many years.

Green Bay Press-Gazette

The massive ball of twine weighs 24,100 pounds and is ten feet tall so it wasn't an easy task to move. A GoFundMe was started and they earned enough money to transport the roadside attraction. It's finally in a place where visitors can come and check it out.

Next time you're headed to Wisconsin for a family road trip, I highly suggest putting the world's heaviest ball of twine are your to-do list. Maybe, it can be the picture for your family's next Christmas card.

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