The Chicago Bears season may have been saved by a new chapel built at Halas Hall.

My family has been Chicago Bears season ticket holders for years. The team's headquarters "Halas Hall" is an incredible place. I've been lucky enough to travel to Lake Forest a couple of times to check it out. They don't allow access through the whole building but the parts I've seen are really cool. In the last couple of years, they've had a huge expansion to the facility.

Recently, I saw a documentary about Virginia McCaskey, the owner of the Bears. I saw she is a very religious person who attends church every morning. When I read this article, I wasn't surprised.

According to,

"Halas Hall has become the only NFL headquarters in existence that now includes a chapel. Something McCaskey pushed for since renovations were first discussed."

"It took a bit longer than other areas of the building to finish but finally opened in the middle of November. Right before the Bears’ game at Soldier Field against Detroit. A game they would win to stop a four-game losing streak. Since the chapel opened, they've won three of four games."

"Has this measure put the Bears on a good footing with God?" 

No matter what your opinion is about religion, I think it's nice she decided to have this available for her team.

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