A school custodian in Illinois is top-rated in the United States and nominated for a major award.

In the past year, all of us have experienced many strange and different things. Hopefully, everyone has learned from these situations and events.

I believe there have been some major lessons discovered when it comes to education. Technology can be very helpful but when it comes down to it, most students require that in-person learning and connection with their teachers and learning.

Plus, education goes way beyond teachers and students. There are so many other pieces to that puzzle including classmates, parents, guardians, babysitters, bus drivers, coaches, tutors, community leaders, volunteers, administrators, counselors, principles, and more. That to just name a few. The list can go on and on. Realizing these factors can help us better prepare our children for the future.

One job that has climbed the ladder of importance and without them, the kids would not be able to return to their in-school studies. That is the custodians. It is their responsibility to make sure the buildings and classrooms are clean and safe to protect the students and help keep them healthy. For some, it is more than just a job. They are an actual part of the academic community and will go above and beyond what is expected.

According to dailyherald.com,

"Franco Catalano, of District 10's F.E. Peacock Middle School, is a finalist in the national 2021 Custodian of the Year contest sponsored by Cintas Corp., which supplies uniforms, restroom supplies, first aid, and safety equipment. When he's not keeping the school in good shape, he's encouraging students to get to class on time, helping them find lost items, or even working with them to reorganize their lockers to avoid jams. Catalano is one of 10 finalists from among 2,000 nominees nationwide."

That is such a cool thing. It is great to have people like him in a community to help the students feel comfortable. I really hope he wins.

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