The other night another fantastic MLB fight broke out. The Pirates and Reds were involved in a bench clearing brawl where MAYBE three punches were landed. You have 50+ grown men bumping chests, swinging wildly, and looking stupid.

It's part of the game I guess. If you pitch too close to a batter, you celebrate too much after hitting a homerun, maybe you just don't want to play anymore that day...Start a fight. Here is the HUGE blowout from the other night:

We were discussing "decent" MLB fights over the years and the former Chicago Cub Kyle Farnsworth brawl was pretty good. Here's a 6'5" monster of a man that slept in the dugout during day games, went out on the town to have cocktails after a game, and apparently watched WWE. Forward to 1:40 mark to watch his scoop slam...

Just stop guys, it's embarrassing...Thank you.

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