An Illinois man used stolen steak to get crack.

I'm a big fan of bartering. I'm always looking to wheel and deal to make a trade. Of course, there's a good trade and a bad one. This one is in the "bad" category.

According to,

"A Peoria man recently found a novel way to find money to buy drugs. He stole steaks from a grocery store. A store manager called the police and reported shoplifting in progress. The suspect exited the store in possession of five ribeyes, worth a total of about $60. An officer apprehended the man in the parking lot. That wasn’t the only time the suspect apparently had stolen steaks that day. Earlier, about $80 in ribeyes had gone missing. An employee recognized the suspect as a possible repeat offender. Once apprehended, the suspect admitted he was the culprit in both cases. He told police he stole the steaks so he could obtain crack cocaine. He refused to tell the officer where or from whom he purchased the crack."

This isn't the kind of trade that pays off in the end.


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