Holiday weekend, time to GRILL EM ALL!



With Memorial Day Weekend almost here, let's make sure you have your grub ready!

Friends, family, drinks, THE EAGLE, and the grill. When you "Grill Em All" this weekend let's make sure you have everything in order. Do you use propane, charcoal, are you doing burgers or steaks. So many choices, so many ways of doing things!

According to Country here are The Top 10 Grilling Tips for Memorial Day Weekend:


  • Flavor It - Add some variety to yo meat, man
  • Add Smoke - Another fantastic way to flavor it up!
  • Create Heat Zones - Making spots on the grill hotter than others for diff types of food
  • Get a Clean Start - Clean the grill, make sure you have that wire brush handy
  • Grease the Grate - You don't want your food sticking and even tearing apart
  • Keep it Separate - diff foods, veggies, pork, etc
  • Line it Up - Keep it all in order, stat
  • Don't Touch - Don't be tempted to poke, cut, tear
  • Time It - keep an eye on your beer, your grill, and a clock
  • Take a Break - grill some, relax, grill some, drink some, repeat

Don't forget to have 96.7 The Eagle on FULL BLAST as you grill!! You have a great weekend, let us be your party.