Police want to know who ran off with $100 in steak and shrimp from Aldi in Loves Park and at the same time, left something important behind.

Loves Park is quickly becoming a haven for stupid criminals, on the heels a strange crime earlier this week, where the driver of a car that as traveling the wrong way on N.Alpine left his vehicle behind.

A thief with fancy food tastes is on the run and did something very stupid when he or she decided to steal $100 in steak and shrimp from the Aldi grocery store on N. 2nd Street in Loves Park and actually left behind his or her cell phone. Really? How can anyone be so stupid.

Loves Park Police took to social media to report:

While we wish you would have thought twice before stealing over 100.00 in shrimp & steak from Aldi Foods on Wednesday, we wanted to let you know that we have the phone you left behind and we would like to return it to you.


The phone you ask? Oh, yes, we found that it was previously used during a visit to the Winnebago County Jail. Might want to come out and clear this up SC.

From the sound of things, police have an idea of who they are looking for. if you happen to run into someone that smells like shrimp an steak, you've been warned.

PS: Shrimp and steak from Aldi is not exactly gourmet and most likely is budget prices, so there is no need to steal it. In fact, Aldi's prices are so low, you shouldn't have to steal anything

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