A hash brown was mistaken for a cell phone and a man received a ticket.

I do it all the time. I'm in a hurry to get somewhere, so I hit a drive-thru for some food. Then I eat it on the go.

I never thought I could get in trouble for it but I guess I better be careful.

According to mystateline.com,

"A man who says he was wrongly cited for distracted driving after police mistook a McDonald's hash brown for a cell phone is continuing his legal fight." 

I could be wrong but hash browns and cell phones don't look anything alike. I guess maybe the officer saw something near the driver's mouth and suspected it was a phone.

The man received a $300 distracted driving ticket. He went to court and lost. The defendant was a granted a retrial in December. I'm interested in how that will turn out.

His phone records show he wasn't on the phone at the time of the ticket. He also argued that his car has Bluetooth, so there was no reason for him to be talking on his actual phone.

Good luck in court.


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