Avoiding potholes got a woman in the Midwest a ticket.

Unless you haven't left your house for the past few days. It's pretty obvious that Rockford has a pothole problem. They are everywhere.

I was driving down Newburg over the weekend and it was like avoiding moon craters. These road obstacles are big and deep. If you hit one straight on, it will definitely damage your vehicle. Trying to avoid them is like playing a game.

If you serving back and worth to miss them, be careful. You can get yourself a ticket.

According to mystateline.com,

"A woman learned the hard way that dodging potholes may cost you just the same as hitting one. She had been trying to avoid the potholes when she swerved "a little" into the turning lane to avoid several potholes."

Her ticket did actually say "dodging potholes" on it.


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