When it comes to their feelings about the roads, city, and state many of the residents in Rockford and Illinois aren't big fans.

People's Comments On Social Media

There is so much negativity on social media, especially about Rockford and Illinois. I like to conduct little surveys on Facebook for fun and maybe create some positivity about our community. Unfortunately, that's not possible for many residents. Those grouches have to drag others into their negativity. I guess it's true when they say misery loves company.

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Rockford's Favorite Roads - The Negative

I thought my latest question was a fun one. It was "What's your favorite road in Rockford." I expected some comments about the potholes but I was hoping people would use some humor. They definitely did not. In fact, some people got downright nasty. Check out the whole survey, HERE. You have to see some of the things people wrote. The highlights are below.

Rockford's Favorite Roads

Rockford Residents' Favorite Roads Are The Ones Taking Them Out Of Town

Rockford's Favorite Roads - The Positive

I would like to thank all the participants who actually had fun with the question. Since they did such a nice job, I would like to share their answers. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Mulford Road
  • Route 2
  • East State Street
  • Springbrook Road
  • Harlem Boulevard
  • Calvin Park Boulevard
  • West Lane Road
  • Perryville Road
  • Orth Road
  • Alpine Road
  • National Avenue
  • Guilford Road
  • Paris Avenue

Do you have a favorite road in the Rockford area? Mine is Highcrest Road.

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