Does your commute feel more like a roller coaster ride? Well I have some good news for you. The City of Rockford wants your help to fix that. The city wants to do their best to solve Rockford's pothole problem. They'll never completely disappear, but there can be less if you help by reporting them.

Did you know Rockford has a pothole hotline? You can report damaged streets in your neighborhood all with a phone call. WTVO details -

Last year, the City received 300 reports of potholes around the Forest City. The mild weather this winter has helped slow the calls, but that doesn’t mean drivers aren’t feeling the effects.

So basically Rockford residents are being encouraged to report the potholes to the city, so they can get the street repaired. So next time you're driving and you get angry about a pothole, don't let it go unnoticed, report it!

The City’s Pothole Hotline is available at 779-348-7176.

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