I can't tell you how many dates I've ruined because I stuff my face at dinner. Believe me when I tell you that nothing kills the chance of a second date as quickly as shoveling bread, salad and a big hunk o' meat down your gullet. Enter Molly Schuyler.

Molly is a 125 pound woman from Nebraska who can pack it in. She recently was eating at the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and won me over. She finished off a 72-ounce steak in just under five minutes, along with a baked potato, shrimp, side salad and a roll. What do you think she had for dessert? Another 72-ounce steak with all the trimmings, of course! It took her about ten minutes for finish off the second plate of food. How about a little effort next time, Molly? Seriously, her effort even topped that of current hot dog eating champ, Joey Chestnut. Molly's prize for finishing the steaks is that the bill was paid for. She's a keeper.

Watch Molly eat both steaks, rolls, potatoes, shrimp and side salad. Dig those cowboy boot shaped glasses! Righteous.