Now you can cook steaks perfectly to everyone's liking the first time.

Captain Jack always makes fun of me because every time I tell him a story it always starts with 'this one time I was working at...'

I've had so many different jobs in my lifetime and it wasn't until I found radio that I knew this was the career path for me.

I used to work at a few different steakhouses in my day and I learned a valuable tip that I have used more times than I can count.

When grilling steaks, everyone has their own preferences. Some like it well done, others like it medium or more rare. One way to check the doneness of a steak is by cutting it open. I never recommend this method, because it doesn't cook quite evenly after it's been punctured or sliced in half.

The best way to check if it is rare or well done or anything in between is by using what we got. Our HANDS!