I thought my sunburn was bad!

I had such an awesome time at the Rockford Airfest the past weekend, but my skin is feeling a bit differently.

I'm extremely fair and I know the very importance of sunscreen. I applied sunscreen with a high SPF before I went to the Airfest, but it obviously didn't work.

Was the sunscreen expired? Maybe. Did I not apply enough or frequently enough? Probably. Either way, it is going on day four of my blistery, painful redness.

Lori, Townsquaremedia

You can see from the photo I had my cross over bag on, which left a sweet tan line down the middle of my chest. Awesome.

At least I didn't fail this hard:

Could his back be any more red?

I thought my husband had a good t-shirt tan:

Please tell me this guy used a filter on this picture to enhance the redness. My word is his face red!

This guy must have not followed the directions on the sunscreen!

OUCH! Armpit problems, I feel ya sister!

See, mine could have been way worse, but thankfully it's not.

It's going to be super hot this summer and trust me you don't want to forget your sunscreen! Put on light clothing as well, wear a hat... or better yet, stay inside!


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