Placing a thin layer of toilet paper on these things will do you no good.

It always boggled my mind that ladies put toilet paper on the seat before going potty. Let's be honest here, that tiny thin sheet of toilet paper is going to do you no good.

7 things dirtier than a toilet seat
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Turns out, many of the items you think are clean and free of germs are actually much more disgusting than a public restroom toilet. Thanks to, I have become officially creeped out.

Try warding off germs with toilet paper on these!

  1. Ice: Turns out most ice in restaurants have 70 percent more bacteria than toilet water.
  2. Keyboards: I must now remove my fingers as I type this. Keyboards can have up to 200 times the amount of bacteria than a toilet seat.
  3. Cellphones: This one is no shocker here. Yet we hold it to our face and bring it to the dinner table while we are eating. Cellphones can hold up to 10 times the amount of yuck than a toilet seat.
  4. Toothbrush: When you flush your toilet the germs can travel up to 6 feet and linger for up to 2 hours. A lot of them end up on toothbrushes. That's why I should stop leaving it on the sink and put it in the medicine cabinet.
  5. Refrigerators: Most of them test positive for E coli.
  6. Remote Control: This is often one of the most filthy items in your home.
  7. Shower heads: You would think that the water coming out of it, which we use to clean ourselves, that it would be clean right? Wrong! This is a huge breading ground for bacteria given it's warm and dark holes.
Why is our toilet seat so much cleaner? Because we actually clean it! When was the last time you cleaned your cellphone?



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