When I read this story, I thought that this incident sounded like it came right out of a "Coyote and Roadrunner" cartoon.

Getting Along With Your Neighbors In Illinois

I've been pretty darn lucky when it comes to neighbors throughout my life. I can't think of an issue that I've had with any of them. A couple of my friends have had serious rivalries with people on their block. Those can turn ugly quickly. Nowadays, people really don't know any of their neighbors. I guess that could contribute to the whole thing of not being neighborly.

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Fight Between Neighbors In Illinois

Unfortunately, neighbors who don't get along could ultimately cause some major issues on their block. It could easily drop down to a total teenager level. I understand that not everyone is going to get along but you've got to use some common sense with dealing with people on your block.

Illinois Man Hits Neighbor In The Head With A Frying Pan

The incident happened recently during the afternoon in Elmhurst. Local police were called to the scene. Two neighbors started arguing and the fight got physical. One man grabbed a frying pan and hit another gentleman in the head with it. That gives me a big headache just thinking about it.

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When officers arrived, the suspect refused to leave the premises. Those Illinois cops brought in a crisis negotiation team. He eventually gave up and was arrested. By the way, this isn't his first dealings with the law. Over the summer, he was arrested for causing a commotion at the convenience store.

According to patch.com,

 Pasnik struck another man in the head with a pan, police said.


Pasnik refused to leave the house, but was eventually arrested without any problems

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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