Stealing from a dead man is not the way to be a good neighbor in Wisconsin.

What Happened To Being Neighborly?

I remember being a kid in my neighborhood. Everyone knew each other and was there to help. My block was like one big happy family. Nowadays, it's not even close. We really don't even know any of our neighbors. It's so weird how things have changed.

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Wisconsin Man Dies And Neighbor Steals From Him

A man in Wisconsin hadn't seen or heard from his neighbor in a while. He decided to go check on him since he was older. When he arrived at the house, that's when he discovered the guy next door had died. That was at about 1 am on Saturday morning. He didn't call the police until the next afternoon around 2 pm. So what happened in between?

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What Happened At Neighbor's House Between 1 am and 2 pm?

There's an eleven-hour window between the time the dead Wisconsin man was found and someone actually calling the police. So, what happened during that timeframe? Instead of calling the authorities, the neighbor decided it was a much better idea to call two of his friends. They immediately showed up at the dead man's house.

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When the two friends arrived, the trio began casing out the joint. They started stealing items belonging to the dead neighbor including a gun, jewelry, and a couple of TVs. After the police arrived, they conducted an investigation. They discovered several belongings of the dead man were missing. Since he called the cops, they got a search warrant for the suspect's home. That's when they found the missing stuff. The thieves were arrested.

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