If you want to get on the bad side of your neighbors, let your dog poop in their yard, and don't pick it up.

Play Dates In Illinois

When your kids are young, it's always a good thing to find other nice children for them to play with. Setting up a play date is a fun way to do it. Plus, it gives the parents a chance to socialize with other adults while the youngsters are having fun. That's exactly what a couple of ladies did in Elmhurst.

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They got their three-year-old girls together to play. It gave the moms a chance to hang out also. It was going great until the daughter of the visiting family stepped into some dog poop while running around the yard. The homeowner explained to her guest that the neighbor lets his dog use her property for a bathroom and won't clean it up.

Dog Pooping
Fight Over Dog Poop

Illinois Neighbors Fight Over Dog Poop

The frustrated mother said she has tried to discuss the problem with her neighbor but it gets her nowhere. The visiting mom was not happy about her daughter getting covered with dog poop so she decided to take matters into her own hands. The angry woman marched next door to give the man a piece of her mind.

According to patch.com,

The lady knocked on the backdoor and the neighbor answered. She went off on the guy and told him to pick up his dog's poop. He told her to get the "blank" off my property and then pushed her down the steps. Luckily, she wasn't seriously hurt. The victim called the police. The officers showed up and arrested the suspect. I'm guessing from now on he'll be picking up after his dog.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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