Even though Illinois isn't famous for its Groundhog Day parties, it's an under-the-radar state when it comes to celebrating that little fuzzy animal coming out of its hole.

What Is Groundhog Day?

Every year on February 2nd, people gather around the nearest groundhog the get a significant weather prediction. Will it be an early spring like we would all hope? If the groundhog sees its shadow, that means six more weeks of winter. When he doesn't see it, then spring will be coming soon. From what I've read, the animal's prediction is correct about 50% of the time. Even worse than the local weather experts.

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The most famous groundhog and celebration is hosted by the town of Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania. "Phil" is the world-famous prognosticator whose prediction is televised worldwide. This is the Groundhog Day event that every other one tries to live up to.

Illinois Is A Fun Place To Celebrate Groundhog Day

Since the movie "Groundhog Day" was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois, the state has stepped up for the holiday. Of course, the movie site is home to the big party. There are several more throughout the area. If you're looking for the best way to celebrate, I can help you out.

5 Ways To Celebrate Groundhog Day In Illinois

# 1 Groundhog Days In Woodstock

  • This is the Groundhog Day celebration in Illinois. It's where they filmed the movie. Their festival lasts several days with many events and activities.

# 2 Groundhog Day: Celebrating The Life Of Harold Ramis

  • This event at Harry Caray's Restaurant at Navy Pier honors the late Harold Ramis who co-wrote and directed the movie.

# 3 Groundhog Day at Wildlife Prairie Park in Hanna City

  • The zoo will host some fun events and activities. Their groundhog, Gertie, will make its prediction.

# 4 Movies at the Theatre "Groundhog Day" at Dixon Theatre in Dixon

  • Chance to experience the film on the big screen.

# 5 Groundhog Day Party at Randall Oaks Library in West Dundee

  • Here's a chance for the kids to have fun on Groundhog Day too.

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