Recently, there have been three different incidents in Illinois where criminals literally broke out of buildings to get away from the police.

Desperate Illinois Criminals Take It To The Next Level To Escape

I don't really think of escaping from prison as something that could happen in reality. It seems more like a scene from an action movie. Over the past few weeks, crime suspects have destroyed property in order to attempt to save their freedom. These incidents could've come straight out of a cop show. One wall and two ceilings were wrecked. Two out of the three events were unsuccessful.

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Escape From Illinois Police Station Interrogation Room

In this case, the suspect had already been arrested for several crimes including hitting an officer with his car. The police put him in the interrogation room for questioning. They left him alone for a few minutes. When the cops came back, the criminal was gone. He had busted through the ceiling tiles to attempt to escape. Luckily, there were no openings for him to leave so he was trapped. Now, he has even more charges against him.

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Illinois Criminals Breaking Out Of Buildings To Escape

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Illinois Thieves Bust Into Bank Through Wall To Steal Money

When I say busted into a bank, I really mean it. This group of thieves broke through the wall of the building right next door to access the vault from the outside wall. They got in during closing hours without incident. They are still on the run. Police are investigating.

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Pair Of Teen Thieves Try To Escape Robbery Through Ceiling

There were two teenagers that entered a burrito joint to rob the place. During the hold-up, the police showed up. The suspects broke through some of the ceiling tiles of the restaurant and attempted to hide. After a short stand-off, the bad guys turned themselves in.

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