Many residents of Illinois aren't fans of Friday the 13th; for this dumb criminal, it was a very unlucky day.

Unlucky IL Dumb Criminal Arrested Twice On Friday The 13th For Stupid Crimes

It's a safe bet that a dumb criminal trying to pull off stupid crimes in Illinois will get arrested for their attempt at illegal actions. It happens pretty much every time that's why I consider them not smart. Then add the fact that it's Friday the 13th which is considered an unlucky day. This suspect didn't have a chance.

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Friday the 13th turned out to be an unlucky day for Joliet 43-year-old resident Pete Figueroa as the Joliet police arrested him, not just once, but twice.


Figueroa was processed at the Joliet Police Department and released after posting $300 cash bond.

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Illinois Dumb Criminal Arrested Twice On Friday The 13th

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Illinois Dumb Criminal First Arrest On Friday The 13th

The first arrest in Joliet happened just after 8 a.m. on Friday The 13th. The suspect was pulled over in his vehicle when the police discovered he had an expired registration. His driver's license was suspended. Plus, the truck wasn't insured. Oh, by the way, the guy had a warrant out for his arrest for previous violations. He was arrested and then let go after posting bail money.

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Illinois Dumb Criminal Second Arrest On Friday The 13th

His second arrest occurred later that afternoon again in Joliet. The police were called to his home after he pushed an older woman during an argument. The suspect resisted arrest. The officers were concerned about his well being so they took him for an evaluation. After he was cleared, the man was taken to jail.

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