Besides the actual crime, the mugshot and name of the suspect can also be a factor when putting them into the dumb criminal category in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Man Arrested In Green Bay

Recently late one evening, Wisconsin police were called to a residence in Green Bay. The incident in question was over a major disturbance. The officers on the scene took two people involved with the issue to their squad car for questioning.

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The problem started with an argument on the phone between the pair being questioned by the cops and a man who lived at the house where the altercation had taken place. When the duo arrived at the home, the door was locked. After several minutes, the suspect opened the door and that's when things got crazy.

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Finally, the suspect came out of the house to confront the two victims. He swung his clenched fist at out of the unexpected visitors and punched him right in the shoulder. A fight started but ended quickly when the homeowner pulled a gun on the pair. By this time, the local police had arrived.

Wisconsin Police Arrest Man With Unusual Name

In a move that would make the producers of the show "Cops" very happy, the suspect was shirtless. He was wasted and having trouble communicating with the officers to tell his side of the story. In a surprising move, he followed directions given to him by the police. The weapon was a BB gun.


Here's the best part of the story. When the officers were checking out the suspect's Wisconsin ID, they discovered the man's real name. It was Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll. Seriously, it was. How funny is that? It's the perfect name for a dumb criminal in Green Bay. If you don't believe me, check out the court records, HERE.

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