I don't have a problem with snakes but I think this situation with a reptile would definitely freak me out.

According To nbc15.com, 

Wisconsin Woman Discovers Snake In Car Engine

This woman first saw the snake when she went out to her garage to get something. The reptile was seven feet long so, of course, at first she was scared. It seemed to have disappeared as she looked around for it. For some reason, the lady decided to open the hood of her car and there it was sitting on the engine.

The woman didn't own the snake or know anybody who did so she immediately called a wildlife sanctuary for advice. Their location was just a couple of miles away so they suggested that this lady drive her car over with the reptile still laying on the engine. The expert told her that the animal would be safe during the short commute.

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The Snake Has A New Home

The staff at the wildlife sanctuary were able to easily and safely remove the snake. They are now taking care of the animal with the hopes of it being adopted sometime down the road. It's a jungle carpet python from Australia which is a really popular exotic pet. Though, you do need a permit to keep one. They are hoping to find the owner.

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How Did The Snake Get There?

The experts at the wildlife sanctuary believe the snake got out of its cage and was looking for somewhere warm to sleep. The reptile ended up climbing into the engine of its owner's vehicle. Once the car stopped, it slithered out and found another engine to relax on. What a crazy situation.

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