Drug dealers are always looking for unique ways to sneak cocaine illegally into the United States and these smugglers got really creative with this new method in Wisconsin.

Creative Drug Dealers Busted In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Police in Kenosha County recently made an impressive cocaine bust. Even though the drug dealers got arrested, I got to give them an "A" grade for their creativity. Through the years, I have seen many different methods of how smugglers try to bring their contraband across the border but this is something brand new.

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Suspicious Package Coming Into Wisconsin

The Department of Homeland Security in the United States must have some serious training to figure out crimes like this one. They red-flagged a package coming into Wisconsin from Bogota, Colombia. Okay, that does sound suspicious but still, that takes some skill to figure out the situation.

Package Contents Tested Positive For Cocaine In Wisconsin

This sounds like it is straight out of a Cheech and Chong movie. The package that arrived from Bogota, Colombia to Wisconsin contained a pair of rollerblades. I don't think they bought those off of Facebook Marketplace. The Homeland Security investigators forced the skates to take a drug test. I'm guessing they did not check urine for this one.

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The skates failed the drug test by being positive for cocaine. The local police personally deliver the package to its destination. That was so nice of them but I don't think the recipient appreciated the effort because he was arrested. I won't be able to look at rollerblades the same again.

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