This bakery in Illinois will give you the munchies when you're baked from baking with their special cannabis infused cake mix.

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Cannabis Infused Cake Mix In Illinois

Cannabis Infused Edibles Are Very Popular In Illinois

Many Illinois residents who enjoy the weed like the experience of edibles. I think it's because there are so many kinds. You've got candy, gummies, mints, drinks, cookies, and brownies to just name a few. Even without the treats being infused, a lot of people prefer homemade style as opposed to store-bought, especially when it comes to baked goods. The only problem is knowing the exact ingredients for making "special" flavored. A bakery in Illinois has come up with a solution to that issue.

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Illinois Bakery Sells Cannabis Infused Cake Mix

The West Town Bakery In Chicago has added cannabis infused cake mix to their product lines. It's taken the guesswork out of making pot treats. It ensures that you get the flavor you like and a fresh batch every time.

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West Town Bakery blends Chicago's urban street art and music while focusing on the techniques and flavors of the pastry scene.


From our managers and chefs to our bakers and baristas, each member is instrumental in the creation of our breads, pastries, coffees, and cakes, based on the principal belief that everyone should be able to have their cake and eat it too.

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Our Pot Brownies are legendary and every mix is guaranteed to be fast-acting and evenly blended.

The acclaimed West Town Bakery is the first to offer a vegan and gluten free cannabis infused mix to bake at home so everyone can enjoy the satisfaction of a fresh, and perfectly baked cannabis infused edibles.

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The legalization of cannabis in Illinois has provided plenty of ways to get high, but West Town Bakery is going back to the classics with pot brownies, part of a new line of cannabis-infused cake mixes.

The dried mix contains 50 milligrams of THC and can be combined with eggs and butter to bake a tray of 12 sizable brownies.

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