An idiot guy from Illinois learned the hard way that you can get arrested for trying to get your pet stoned from cannabis.

Illinois Man Is Angry With His Family

The subject of our story today is a twenty-one-year-old man from Plainfield. Like many people his age, he doesn't get along well with his family. I'm sure, he believes he knows it all. It sounds like he just sits around and gets stoned all day. Recently sometime after midnight, he got into a big argument with his family. Acting like a spoiled brat, this kid decided he wanted to get revenge on his family.

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Illinois Man Gets His Family's Cat Stoned

Well, this genius' idea of getting revenge on his family is to do something mean to their cat. I'm beginning to think this dude needs to get his ass kicked. The suspect grabs the pet and puts it into some sort of tube where it's trapped. Then, the kid starts smoking weed and blowing it at the poor little kitty.

Illinois Man Arrested For Getting Cat High
Illinois Man Arrested For Getting Cat High

It's Illegal To Get Your Pet High In Illinois

Afraid of what was going to happen to the cat, one of the family members called the police. That is totally illegal to do in Illinois, so he was arrested. It's also very dangerous for animals. I believe any kind of animal cruelty should hold a huge penalty. Especially, for a jerk like this guy.

According to,

Signs of poisoning by THC in pets include inactivity; incoordination; dilated pupils; increased sensitivity to motion, sound, or touch; hypersalivation; and urinary incontinence. More uncommon signs include restlessness, aggression, slow breathing, low blood pressure, an abnormally fast heart rate and rapid, involuntary eye movements.


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Say cheese, Illinois!

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