If you're looking to spend some time in jail, I just found the perfect way for you to end up there.

Stupid Criminals Doing Dumb Crimes Are Going To Get Busted Every Time

When it comes to your normal everyday type of crimes, you're usually going to find the criminals to not be too bright. That's why the majority of the time they get caught. The old saying is "don't do the crime if you can't do the time." Well, I think they have plenty of time. Sometimes, I wonder if they actually want to go to jail. That's exactly what I believe about this recent situation.

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Illinois Thief Arrested By Leaving Many Clues For Cops To Find

Our dumb crime for today happened in Skokie, Illinois. Our suspect thought it was a good day for an armored robbery. He headed to a 7-Eleven store located at a busy intersection. By the way, he believed pulling off the job during daylight was a great idea. His next brilliant move was being on foot. Who needs a getaway car?

According to cbsnews.com, 

Skokie police said at 2:21 p.m., the suspect held up a 7-Eleven at 4834 Church St., at Gross Point Road. He then ran off.

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Our brave suspect's escape route included running through a golf course. It actually might've worked but he left a trail of money behind starting from the scene of the crime. He should've just gone straight to the police station because the cops tracked him down right away.

According to cbsnews.com, 

But officers did not have a hard time finding the man. He left cash scattered around the nearby Weber Park Golf Course during his escape.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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