If this Illinois car thief used GPS there's a good chance he wouldn't have gotten arrested.

Dumb Criminal Arrested For Stupid Crime In Illinois

Once again, I've got the perfect example of why smart people don't end up with their names in the police blotter in Illinois. I'm sure this car thief spent hours mapping out the perfect crime. He didn't have an expert proofread it because the suspect ended up in jail.

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Car Stolen From Car Dealership In Illinois

The incident just happened recently on a Sunday afternoon in Elmhurst. A vehicle was taken from Win Auto Plaza on Lake Street. The stolen car was a blue Infiniti coupe. The suspect was caught and arrested. He was charged with burglary, theft of property valued at more than $10,000, possession of a stolen vehicle, and two counts of criminal property damage.

Illinois Car Thief Arrested

Details About The Stolen Car Incident In Illinois

  • The suspect took an Uber to the dealership.
  • It was Sunday so it was closed. The thief smashed a glass door to enter the building. He found the keys and headed out to the lot.
  • A couple of employees just so happened to stop by the car lot to return a vehicle they had borrowed. That's when they witnessed the thief stealing the Infiniti.
  • The thief panicked and drove off in the stolen car. The employees tried chasing after him.
  • The suspect could've lost the employees but he made a huge mistake. The car thief turned down a dead-end street. He was trapped. Too bad he didn't have GPS to navigate him out of that situation.
  • The dealership employees blocked the road with their car but the criminal tried to speed around them. There wasn't enough room so they crashed.
  • The car thief took off running but the police were able to track him down a few minutes later and he was arrested.

According to patch.com,

An Elmhurst burglary suspect may not have consulted a map beforehand, a police report indicates.


The suspect, identified as 19-year-old Joshua M. Pickett of Chicago, mistakenly turned onto a dead end on Mary Court, which is a block away, police said.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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