A city in Illinois is buying a special vehicle to use for enforcing DUI laws.

Police departments in Illinois are doing all they can to give themselves an advantage against lawbreakers. That means purchasing specialized equipment and vehicles.

In fact, Woodstock, Illinois is taking their law enforcement to the next level.

According to nwherald.com,

"The Woodstock Police Department plans to step up it's driving under the influence enforcement with a squad vehicle dedicated to the task. Police plan to buy a 2019 Ford F-150 police responder pick-up truck, with a Stalker Radar speed detection system and an in-car camera."

Funding will come from fines the city earns from DUI convictions. The crime continues to be a problem in our state. Almost 30,000 people were arrested for driving under the influence in Illinois last year. I would look for more departments to add one of these to their force including in our area.

Add this effort to the long list of reasons to not drink and drive.

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