A package thief in Wisconsin expands his operations too thin and gets arrested in a stolen vehicle.

The Christmas Holidays Are A Popular Time Of Year For Crime

It is strange how the holidays can be both good and bad at the same time. Of course, Christmas time is so much fun while hanging out with friends and family. Criminals also thrive during the month of December. There are plenty of people, places, and things for them to target.

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Wisconsin Porch Pirate Arrested In Stolen Vehicle

It's Porch Pirate Season In The Midwest

Of course, Porch Pirates can and will strike any time of the year. Just show them an unattended package and they will steal it. During the holidays is when they thrive. They can randomly drive into any neighborhood and there's plenty of stuff to take. Even security cameras don't stop them.

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Masked thief or robber is recorded with security hidden camera.
Wisconsin Porch Pirate Arrested In Stolen Vehicle

Porch Pirate Arrested In Wisconsin

It is something you don't hear a lot about. That is Porch Pirates getting arrested. You would think it would be easy to catch them but it rarely ever happens. So, it's good news when one gets busted.

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Wisconsin Porch Pirate Arrested In Stolen Vehicle

According to tmj4.com,

Police arrested a package-stealing "Grinch" who was driving a stolen vehicle in Wauwatosa this week.


According to the Wauwatosa Police Department, officers arrested a person for stealing packages, driving a stolen vehicle, and fleeing from the police on Wednesday.


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Wisconsin Porch Pirate Arrested In Stolen Vehicle

How This Wisconsin Porch Pirate Was Arrested

The suspect was spotted on a doorbell camera. A homeowner reported the theft to the police and shared the video. The getaway car matched the description of a stolen vehicle and several robberies in the same area. When an officer pulled him over, he discovered many missing packages.

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Wisconsin Police Make Arrest For Weed, Speeding, And Gun
Wisconsin Porch Pirate Arrested In Stolen Vehicle

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