The situation didn't work out well for a man who threw a rock at an Illinois police vehicle.

The Rule Of Thumb For Dealing With Illinois Police Officers

Hopefully, you stay out of trouble so there's no worrying about how to treat the local police during an incident. My rule of thumb has always been, to be nice to the cops. They control your destiny. It's all about killing them with kindness. Then hopefully, they let you go or at least lower the charge. If you're mean to the officers, there's a really good chance you will have a horrible experience. I found the perfect example of how not to act around the authorities.

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Illinois Man Arrested For Throwing A Rock At A Car

A man in Joliet thought it would be a great idea to throw a rock at a police vehicle. It was marked so he knew exactly where he was whipping it. That action did cause damage. The stone broke the back rear passenger window. I wonder what kind of car insurance the cops have. After breaking the glass on the squad car, the suspect took off running. He was like Forest Gump and just kept going. He flew down a set of stairs in a neighborhood park. Then across a major bridge. The officers followed him the whole way. He ended up getting captured in a casino parking lot. They arrested him and took the guy to jail.

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Say cheese, Illinois!

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