It's never a good thing to get into a car accident but you never want to crash into one of these vehicles.

Car Accidents Are The Worst

If you've ever been into a car accident, then you understand how much they suck. First of all, they could end up being horrible tragedies. Nobody deserves to go through a miserable experience like that. Even the minor ones can cause major issues. In any case, you have to deal with the law, insurance companies, and mechanics. Plus, they aren't cheap.

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The Last Person In Illinois You Want To Get Into An Accident With 

You may have many thoughts on the subject. For my money, it's any sort of emergency vehicle. Specifically, a police car. Several years ago, my uncle crashed into a cop. He had to hire and lawyer and the whole incident cost him a lot of money.

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Illinois Woman Crashes Into Police Vehicle

The accident happened in Niles. A teenage girl ran a red light and crashed into a Cook County Sheriff's vehicle. The incident happened after midnight so my initial thought was that it was a drunk driver. Luckily, that wasn't the cause. She was not impaired or distracted. There were two officers in the car but neither of them or the teenager was seriously injured. The driver just carelessly went through the traffic signal. The teen was given tickets for running the light and not reducing speed to avoid a crash. Hopefully, she learned a valuable lesson.

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