Illinois man gets into serious trouble with the law because of making several bad decisions while driving.

Drunk And Distracted Driver Crashes Into Police Vehicle

According to,

A north suburban driver said he cracked a beer right before crashing into a Lake County Sheriff's deputy.


Police said the deputy's lights and siren were on when a man driving a pickup truck ran a stop sign and slammed into her.

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Learn From Other People's Mistakes Including Bad Illinois Drivers

I would like to use this incident as a teaching moment. If you pay attention, there's a lot you can learn from other people's mistakes. In fact, today's lesson includes several miscues from just one person. Gather around kids, there's much to share.

  • Lesson 1: Don't drink and drive. It's so dangerous. Plus, there are so many other options for rides these days.
  • Lesson 2: No open container. This guy was actually drinking a beer while driving.
  • Lesson 3: Avoid distracted driving. If you want to get into an accident. This is an easy way to make it happen. Being on your cell phone isn't the only way to take your eyes off the road. This drunk opened a beer while behind the wheel and wasn't paying attention.
  • Lesson 4: Obey the rules of the road. This driver blew through a stop sign. I'm sorry but those are there for a really good reason. They are not optional.
  • Lesson 5: When you see emergency lights, that means safely pull over so the first responder vehicle can pass by without issue. The cop car had its lights on and the driver did nothing to move out of the way. In fact, he crashed into it.
  • Lesson 6: Being blackout drunk isn't cool. You might think it's a nice vacation from yourself but actually, it makes you look like a fool. The last thing this man could remember is opening the beer.

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