The police in Illinois are always looking for drunk drivers but over the holidays, citizens seem to party a lot more so the cops increase their patrols to try and prevent any serious accidents.

No Excuse For Getting DUI In Illinois

Everyone knows the law and the consequences. One mistake can ruin you or someone else's life. If you're going to party, then make sure you've got another way to get home besides driving yourself. You can get a designated driver, rideshare like Uber or Lyft, public transportation, taxis, and so many other options. Plus, you've always got that little computer in your pocket.

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Special Month Of Illinois Police

The drinking and driving laws need to be enforced harder during the holidays because many people don't use their best judgment thanks to the booze.

December marks National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.


It has police and other advocates urging everyone to do their part to stay sober behind the wheel.

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IL Police Running Roadside Safety Checks Throughout State During Holidays

It's never a good thing to have to approach a roadside safety check after you've been drinking. Santa is not going to bail you out for a Christmas gift.

A roadside safety check is an enforcement detail in which vehicles are stopped and checked specifically to enforce equipment laws, permits and licensing laws, and driving under the influence laws.


Priority is given to officer and motorist safety and avoidance of undue public inconvenience.


Illinois Police Kicked Off Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over Campaign
Illinois Police Kicked Off Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over Campaign

Sad Story About Drinking And Driving

A couple of months ago, my daughter lost a good friend and classmate. A drunk driver crashed into the poor kid and killed him. It's so sad. He was studying to be a special education teacher and was going to do some great things for our community. If you would like to please make a donation to MADD in his honor, HERE.

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IL Department of Transportation Annual “Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over” Campaign Now Through January 2nd, 2024

This is a very important program to save lives in our state.

This is when law enforcement shows zero tolerance for alcohol and drug-impaired driving.


They say you should use a designated driver, public transportation, or ride-sharing if you plan on celebrating with alcohol at your holiday parties.

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Safe Ride Home In Illinois

Remember there are a lot of programs out there to make sure you get home safe during the holidays. For example, the Winnebago County Sheriff sponsors a free ride home on New Year's Eve. A simple search on the internet can save lives.

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