In this day and age, it's really stupid to get arrested for driving under the influence because there are so many alternative ways to get home safely but this pair of dummies (one from Illinois and one from Wisconsin) still managed to get arrested but my question is which one is the bigger idiot?

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Illinois Idiot Arrested For Dumb DUI

Our first contestant is from Round Lake. His incident happened recently. This suspect must enjoy day drinking because he was arrested during the afternoon. The man was driving erratically when his SUV turned into oncoming traffic and crashed directly into another vehicle.

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The victim was a police officer traveling in his squad car. Apparently, the drunk crashed into the cop on purpose. He was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. Hopefully, he will be okay and the suspect will go to jail for a long time.

According to,

Investigators say Garcia-Acevedo was intoxicated and intentionally targeted the police officer with his vehicle.


IL Vs WI DUI Dumb Arrest

Wisconsin Idiot Arrested For Dumb DUI

The second contestant is from Madison. This was another recent arrest. His incident happened on I-90. He was spotted swerving on and off the median. Another driver called the police. When officers arrived they saw the suspect's car parked in the grass.

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The man was passed out behind the wheel so the cops called for paramedics. While the authorities were assessing the situation, the drunk woke up and tried to take off. Instead of getting away, he crashed into the ambulance. Luckily, there was no one in the emergency vehicle.

According to,

The man was found unconscious in his vehicle when first responders arrived. After he woke up, police said he tried to drive away but crashed into an ambulance.

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