If you have a difficult time with your hard shell taco falling to pieces when you bite into it, here's a way to make it without having that problem.

My favorite food day of the week is "Taco Tuesday." There are so many great places in Rockford to purchase them. They are one of my favorite foods. I could eat tacos just about every day. It doesn't matter if I make them myself or get them in a restaurant.

I can only think of one negative aspect of grubbing on the tasty food. When I take a bite of a hard shell, the bottom breaks and the contents go all over the place. Making them much harder to eat.

Recently, I found out I was making them wrong. The way I set it up is meat on the bottom, followed by the veggies, and topped off with cheese. Here's the correct way to do it to avoid the crumbling issue.

According to mentalfloss.com,

"It may not look as pretty, but you can improve your meal by moving the order around slightly. Before adding anything else, drop the cheese into the bottom of the shell. Now, when you add the ground beef or whatever filling you chose, that cheese will melt and act as a sort of glue for the weakest part of the tortilla. You can also guarantee the cheese gets nice and melty by popping the shell in the oven at 350℉ for a few minutes after applying the cheese. Warming it in the oven has the added effect of making the tortilla more pliable and less brittle, which reduces the chances of it shattering in your hands."

I'm going to definitely try this method next time I have tacos for dinner.

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