If you are planning to see The Last Jedi this weekend, here are some insider movie theater tips.

Whenever I can get "secret" tips, I'm all about it. Especially, if it will make my experience better and possibly cheaper.

Going to the movies has become quite the costly adventure. I really pick and choose when I'm going to see a movie. This weekend, I'm definitely going to see the new Star Wars, "The Last Jedi."

Do you plan on going to see it in Rockford? Maybe at Showplace 16 or at Showplace 14 in Machesney Park?

Well, if you are or you're planning to see something else in the near future, here are some "insider" tips.

"Secrets Your Movie Theater Employee Won't Tell You" from yahoo.com.

  •  "Why does it smell so good?" - There are chemicals in the popcorn. Good food smells will definitely spark my interest.
  • "Extreme Digital is lower quality than IMAX." - It's easier to maintain. All this different terminology is very confusing.
  • "In the beginning of a movie's release, the money goes to the movie studio." - They make money from the concessions and that's why it's so expensive. So, they are losing money when you sneak stuff in.
  • "They know all methods of sneaking in." - Sometimes they are just too busy to care. I say don't bother, you are just asking for trouble.
  • "The only food they trust are popcorn, drinks, and boxed candy." - They won't eat the pretzels, nachos, or hotdogs. I like to get whoppers.
  •  "If you complain to a manager, he will appear to side with you." - He really doesn't care. I'm really not surprised.
  • "Combo deals don't save you money." - It will usually cost the same to order everything separately. I just order what I really want and not worry about it.
  • "Think you're saving calories by ordering a small?" - They change size all the time, so it could have been a medium last week. Do you ever notice movie theater sizes are huge?
  • "Stop getting angry if your food is taking too long." - They are heating it up in a microwave and it takes time. I stick with the basics, no heating up required.
  • "No, I can't give you an extra cup." Everything is inventoried at the end of the night. How about one drink and two straws?
  • "Your suspicions are correct." - The sweep things under the seats because they don't have enough time between showings. No wonder the floors are so sticky.
  • "Yes, movies start late." - They get you there early to order concessions and see the previews, but they do end on time. I always like to get there in time for the previews.
  • "Popcorn keeps for a day or two." - Don't let warm popcorn confuse you for fresh. Get that free refill before your leave.

I hope this helps your movie-going experience.

May the Force be with you.

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