If you don't want to get arrested at a movie theater in Illinois, then avoid being like this guy.

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Being Obnoxious At A Movie Theater As A Teenage

I believe most people have acted obnoxious in a movie theater at least once in their life. Probably when they were teenagers. I will admit that I definitely acted like an idiot during a film several times. That's a thing my friends and I did in our teens. I'm not proud of it but we were young and dumb.

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Back then I went to the "cheap show" movie theaters around where I grew up. They were just $1 to get in. Not that it makes it any better but at least people were spending a fortune to have their flick ruined by some idiot kids. You could never get away with that behavior nowadays. They would kick you out and call the police.

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Acting This Way At A Movie Theater Will Definitely Get You Arrested

According to patch.com,

Police were called to the Cinemark movie theater located at Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet, Illinois. Apparently, a man pulled down his pants and started screaming loudly at 1 am in the parking lot.

When the cops arrived the suspect was speeding around in his car and doing doughnuts in the parking lot. They got him pulled over for questioning. The driver wasn't making any sense and he demanded paramedics. An ambulance arrived and the man wouldn't speak to them.

The suspect refused to get out of his car and wouldn't go into custody peacefully. It will be a while before he can go to the movies again.

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