The most beautiful movie theater in the world list includes this Chicago location.

I was trying to remember the last movie I went to in the theater. I think it might of been the last Star Wars movie, "The Rise of Skywalker" around Christmas in 2019. That is one of many recreational activities that I have missed in the last year, going to the movies. I can not wait to be able to go again sometime in hopefully the near future. I also miss new releases. Many have been postponed, so there really has not even been a lot to watch at home.

I enjoy the theater experience with the big screen, great sound system, recliner chairs, and tasty snacks. It is the whole package. The only problem is those types of theaters do not have a lot of personality. Do not get me wrong, I am all for the modern technology and conveniences. They are much better than the generic mall theaters that did not have anything special about them.

My favorite type of movie theater is the old school ones that are like a mini version of the Coronado PAC. They are beautiful inside and out with lots of personality. It really adds to the whole experience. There used to be many of them in and around Illinois.

Several smaller towns had their own. Usually, with just one or two screens. Unfortunately, the monster modern theaters have put most of them out of business. There are still a few remaining. In fact, one in Chicago earned a really special honor.

According to,

"A list of the 50 most beautiful cinemas on the planet, celebrating all the places where we love to sit in a dark room with strangers and watch a movie including a spot in Chicago. Beloved Southport Corridor mainstay the Music Box Theatre came in at number 28 on the list. It's great to see at least one Chicago institution recognized among this global collection."

I am going to add that to my list of things to do.

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