A popular place for filmmakers is a city and former prison in Illinois.

I am a big fan of movies. I will be honest, watching television is a hobby of mind. Sometimes after a long week of work, I just like to chill out on the couch. I will usually lean towards comedies but not limited to that genre.

I really like checking out shows based on or made in Illinois or Chicago. It is fun to see if there are any places that I recognize. Our state has issues but it is still my home, so I have Illinois pride.

Some of my favorites are the John Hughes movies likes "Breakfast Club." At the top of my list is the "Blues Brothers." My dad and I had it on VHS tape and would watch it all the time. I think my mom finally recorded over it. Some of the scenes were filmed in Joliet, Illinois including the former Joilet State Prison.

It was actually featured in the opening of the movie. If you do not quite remember it, check it out from YouTube.

Video: Blues Brothers Prison Release

It is such a great movie. The appearance has made the prison a popular tourist stop for fans of the flick.

Apparently, there have been a few others filmed there including the television series "Fargo," "Prison Break," and "Destination Fear" to just name a few.

Not only are producers using the former prison as a location but they also like other places in the city including the Rialto Square Theater. In fact, it is becoming a popular place with many production companies.

According to shawlocal.com,

"The Old Joliet Prison and other Joliet locations are becoming increasingly popular in the film business, both large and small. Joliet has had a really big uptick of interest from the film industry. What we hear is that Joliet has this very authentic history and blue-collar grit.”

Recently. Lionsgate was there filming for a future project that is currently still a secret.

I wish we could get something like this in Rockford. It would be amazing to have movies and shows made here.

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Video: Comedian Steve Byrne Previews The Opening Act


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