The best time of year to attend concerts in Illinois has to be during the summer because of all the really cool outdoor venues throughout the state.

The Best Venues To Attend Concerts In Illinois During The Summer

I'm a huge fan of music. My passion is going to concerts. There's nothing better than that live music experience. I believe the best time of year to go to shows in Illinois is during the summertime. It helps that we have a lot of cool outdoor venues too.

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The key to a good outdoor concert venue is the vibe. If it doesn't have a cool feel, then the music and show aren't going to be special. Also, the surroundings of the place are a big deal. For Example, Red Rocks in Colorado is the perfect spot for a summer show.

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#1 Huntington Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island (Chicago)

The scenery doesn't get much better than this in Illinois. The backdrop for the stage is the Chicago Skyline and behind you is Lake Michigan. If you sit high enough in the bleachers you can enjoy them both.

#2 Ravinia Festival (Highland Park)

There are so many ways to experinece a concert here. They have a pavilion which is a more intimate way to enjoy a band. There's also the lawn where it's a full fledged party. Concert goers are allowed to bring whatever food and beverages they want.

#3 Credit 1 Amphitheatre (Tinley Park)

With this venue's huge pavilion and massive lawn, it can host big name acts. The size allows them to let popular bands play outside inside of arenas in the summer.

#4 Wrigley Field (Chicago)

To be honest, I didn't think I would like Wrigley Field for concerts but I was pleasantly surprised. Standing on the field while watching your favorite band is such a cool vibe. Plus, the neighborhood is a really cool place to pre-party.

#5 Grant and Millineum Parks (Chicago)

I know people will get mad that I put these two places together but to me it seems like just one big park. There's the Jay Pritzker Pavilion which hosts amazing shows throughout the summer. Of course, Grant Park is home the ultimate concert of the year Lollapalooza.

Enjoy Illinois

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